Tbilisi + Mtskheta

We will show that Georgia where you want to return and two amazing cities will help us with it. 


Your journey you will start in Tbilisi. It is quite charm of small Tbilisian streets, the terraces shaded by grape pergolas, old churches with tile domes, ancient monatery ruins, traditional Georgians yards with fancy verandas.

In Tbilisi you will see the most gorgeous Georgian temple - Sameba cathedral which amazes by beauty and greatness of architecture, magnificence of style and outside decor.

Tbilisi will show you Metekhi temple, which is standing right at the very edge of the rocky shore of Kura-river and the past was serving as a fortress and residence for Georgian kings.

Ancient fortress Narikala - the most famous monument of Georgian history, the cityzens call it "the soul and heart of city". And of course we will visit modern bridge which is called The bridge of Peace by the president. It is the second bridge in the world in the complexity of architecture.

Also we will have a walk on the famous pedestrian street Sharden, which is famous for its huge amount of cafes and bars, east shisha bars, restaurants with European, East and of course Georgian national cuisine that you can taste. And we will definitely walk to the Freedom Square and to the main avenue of Tbilisi - Rustaveli

Then we will go to Mtskheta - the ancient capital of Georgia. This wonderful city is located among the rocky mountains and rivers Kura and Aragvi where is preserved the main Christian Cathedral of Georgia - Svetitshoveli. The city also called as the second Ierusalim. At first, because the most venerated saint Nina came to Mtskheta with good news. At second,  the Lord's tunic is kept in Mtskheta.


According to the Georgian folk Mtskheta was found by king Mtsehotos that was Kartli's son - first king of Georgia and first Georgian.

The main sight of this city is Jvari monastry. On the way to it we will see to Samtavro monastry - one of the oldest women monastry in Georgian (11th century), and Shio-Mgvime monastry.

Jvari monastry was built at 6th century. The word "Jvari" can be translated as cross. The name is from that time when according to legend Capadocian Nino put the Saint Cross on that place.





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