One day Tour to Kazbegi

One day tour from Tbilisi to Kazbegi


During this tour tourists will travel via Georgian military road to the north. Georgian military road was the main road connecting Georgia and north Caucasus. Tourists will start travel from Tbilisi – the ending point of road, to the north, following river Aragvi valley, till Great Caucasus range, cross is on the Cross pass, which’s latitude is 2395 m above sea level and continue to go down, following river Terek to Dariali gorge, where is border with Russia.

During tour will be passed historical province Mtiuleti and destination is one of three north Caucasian Georgian regions – Khevi.

During one day cultural tour to Kazbegi will be visited most places of interest on the road.

Jinvali water reservoir – on river Aragvi, area of 11.5 km.


 Ananuri fortress and church – built in XVI – XVII centuries, used to be residence of Aragvi’s heads. Located on the road to Dariali gorge, it was protecting Aragvi valley. The oldest building in complex is defence tower – XIV century.


Cross pass – one of the passes on grate Caucasus range. Latitude 2395 m above sea level. Nearby are mineral water springs.

Gergeti trinity church – Located near townlet Stepantsminda, on mountain Gergeti, latitude 2200 m above sea level, was built in XIV century and is only cross-cupola church in Khevi region.


Road to the cherch need a bit hiking. Also if you need we can a rent jeep(For an extra fee) In good weather from Gergeti is perfect view on summit Kazbegi (Mkinvartsveri) 5047 m.



Best period for tour is from May to November. Winter is not recommended because often Cross pass is closed because of snow and spring because of avalanches.


The price of the tour includes:

  • Services of a qualified guide.
  • Transportation service

Lunch in a traditional Georgian restaurant. (For an extra fee)


The price is from 20 USD per person

(depends on number of people in the group)



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